Mobile Recording

Mobile recording is the best way to capture an artist where he or she is most comfortable. It converts any space—a church, a meadow, a loft, even a boat—into a recording studio.

In 2013, Swear and Shake's full-length album Maple Ridge, produced by Benny and recorded in a 150-year-old barn, was reviewed in the February issue of Mix Magazine. Click below to read.

Studio Production

In 2010, Benny earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Studio Production at Purchase College Conservatory of Music, where he received a Recording Department Fellowship Award.

Benny has produced and/or recorded music by Rogerio Boccatto, Swear and Shake, Louis Weeks, Candy Hearts, Itchy Hearts, Maddy Ruff, Quentin Angus, and Patt Eagan, as well as music for films by Mattson Tomlin and Elliot Lobell.